How to customize your WordPress Blog (for free)

After checking out the many questions, I’ve decided to put together a guide for WordPress blog design.

This guide is for WordPress users. Often website designers don’t design for (I do!) and it’s because there isn’t a lot of apparent flexibility.

But there are quite a few ways to customize a blog. I want to walk you through the process I take when creating a design.

For the most flexibility, you should have the paid WP plan. I’ll note the sections that are paid-only as we get to them. Continue reading “How to customize your WordPress Blog (for free)”

How to setup website hosting through BlueHost

I thought it might be helpful to upload a visual tutorial to help get your web hosting setup.

A web host is what stores website files (like this webpage) and they maintain the servers, so we don’t have too. This tutorial is for my favorite web host: Bluehost¬†. However, it can be adapted to work for virtually any web host. Continue reading “How to setup website hosting through BlueHost”