How to setup website hosting through BlueHost

I thought it might be helpful to upload a visual tutorial to help get your web hosting setup.

A web host is what stores website files (like this webpage) and they maintain the servers, so we don’t have too. This tutorial is for my favorite web host: Bluehost . However, it can be adapted to work for virtually any web host.

I’ve been using Bluehost for over 10 years. I love their price and their customer service is almost always amazing.

The signup process only takes about 5 minutes. I’ll walk you through it with screenshots.

Navigate to Bluehost. Your screen will look similar to this.

Press the big green Get Started button. As you can see today (most days), they’re having a sale. You’ll come to this screen.

If you are only running ONE blog, choose the starter package. BUT, if you have a business or multiple businesses, choose the Plus package (middle option).

I know, it’s tempting to choose the cheaper option, but upgrading is more expensive than choosing the right package. Once you press the green select button, you’ll see this.


If you already have a domain name (for example: then type it into the right side under “I have a domain name.” Otherwise type in your desired domain name under “new domain.” The new domain is free with your hosting purchase.

Once you get your domain sorted, you’ll land on a create your account screen. Make sure to check the box labeled: Site Backup Pro. It’s good to pay Bluehost to backup your website as often as possible, just in case something horrible happens (for example: hacking).

Fill out your billing information as shown, confirm you’ve read the Terms, and click submit. Note: if you click “more payment options” you can pay via PayPal.

From there you’ll pick your username and password! If you have a website designer, be sure to supply them with this information.

If you had a domain name prior to setting up new hosting, Bluehost will try to transfer your new domain, if possible.

If your domain name was new before you purchased hosting, you’ll need to ask Bluehost, or your website designer, to change the name servers. They will know what this means 🙂


The links in this post are affiliate links meaning I get a percentage of each purchase. However, I use Bluehost for all of my client websites. If you do not wish to click the links, just Google Bluehost and go from there. They are an AMAZING host.