The #1 brand mistake online businesses are making (and how to fix it)

There’s so much information out there about launching a business online. It can quickly lead to business overload if you aren’t careful.

No worries. I can sum up the top branding mistakes online business owners make into 1 lesson.

Are you ready? Have a seat.

You’re (still) DIY-ing your branding.

If you’re here to win it in these digital streets, eventually you have to admit that using the same templates as everyone else, the same stock photos as everyone else, and the same fonts as everyone else is not the move.

Usually this painful realization comes when you see the identical image float through the timeline but with more retweets, likes, or shares. Now those 10K people relate that image as that user’s branded image.

You now look like a scammer. Hello Joanne!

If you’ve been doing business online for 1 year, or longer, you know who you are online. You know what your audience likes to see, what they expect, and what you want form your online presence.

Now all that’s left is to sell more services, launch more courses, and push more tshirts so you’re chilling with your son making money while you sleep.

You need a custom visual brand to get your there, fam. After all, no one can compete with you. You have a specific purpose, tone, and message for your work. People can compete with that template you’re using in Canva.

Here are your next steps.

  1. Get your mood board together.
  2. Choose a color palette.
  3. Commit to 2 Google Fonts.
  4. Create a logo that represents you.
  5. Relaunch.


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