How to prepare for the New Year (December Goals Post)

I hate New Years resolutions. They are the hype man of the year: promising big things only to fail to deliver.

It’s discouraging. And once you become discouraged you generally abandon your goal altogether sending the rest of the year into a directionless spiral. Continue reading “How to prepare for the New Year (December Goals Post)”

How to promote yourself effectively using Twitter

Previously on the blog I wrote a post about various ways to promote your work and various ways to make passive income. Today, I want to talk about how my promotional content reaches half a million people regularly by focusing on one social media platform: twitter. Continue reading “How to promote yourself effectively using Twitter”

How to make Passive Income online

If you’ve read my guide on ways to make money as a freelancer, you know the concept of passive income. For those who are new here (welcome!): passive income is money that you make residually after a putting in a short, one-time-only amount of work.

Meaning: you create something 1 time and you consistently make money off it an infinite amount of times without any additional labor. Continue reading “How to make Passive Income online”

How to make money online as a blogger or freelancer

So you’ve been online for a minute and you’re ready to find work and make some serious coins. But how? Where do you start? How to you make enough money to start paying bills? What do you sell?!

Breathe easy because you are not alone in wondering these things. A majority of my clients have asked me recommendations for finding work online and making money as a blogger.

Here are a few suggestions I’ve tried and succeeded with as a full-time designer and part-time blogger. Continue reading “How to make money online as a blogger or freelancer”

How to setup website hosting through BlueHost

I thought it might be helpful to upload a visual tutorial to help get your web hosting setup.

A web host is what stores website files (like this webpage) and they maintain the servers, so we don’t have too. This tutorial is for my favorite web host: Bluehost . However, it can be adapted to work for virtually any web host. Continue reading “How to setup website hosting through BlueHost”