How I learned to embrace change (July Goals and June Lessons Learned)

After much contemplation, I’ve decided to bring back my goals and lessons learned posts. It was always nice to have a written record of my goals and lessons.

Let start with the June shenanigans.

This June has been a struggle for me. I moved at the end of May and have been working hard to find my way. It’s been a time. Between finding the grocery store and a Starbucks, the struggle has been so real for me.

My entire routine has suffered because of it.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’m a planner. I like to have my life organized and structured. June lacked that.

My biggest lessons from that are twofold

First, embrace the ebb and flow of change. What will happen will happen. The more rigid, and regimented, you are the more difficult it will be to find your footing–especially in a permanent change like a move.

Being fluid has also taught me how to react when my design process for clients takes a little longer than intended, or when my best work is not met with approval.

Embrace the ebb and flow of change. 

Second, don’t stress about what you cannot change. I’ve tweeted about this a few times this month. But, I’ve been very stressed about everything between making rent payments on time to finishing client work in a reasonable time.

Sometimes I’ve won and sometimes I’ve failed. That’s just the honest truth.

But we only have a certain amount of hours each day. And honestly, a majority of those hours should not be allotted for work.

This June I violated that rule. I worked 90% of the time. The stress almost took me out. I couldn’t breathe. I could barely function. I was a wreck.

And most of this was caused by stressing about things I cannot change.

I cannot change any action another person makes. They choose when to act, when to speak, how to speak, etc. I have no control over that.

I can only control myself and my reactions. Overworking myself was not the appropriate reaction.

Lesson learned.

Let’s talk about July Goals.

If you’ve known me for a minute you know I only focus on one thing each month. Focusing on one large goal improves productivity and greatly increases results.

So this July I want to focus on content. 

I’m making it my goal to complete my blog, and newsletter, content for at least the next month. If I finish that goal then I’ll shoot for more.

To do this, I’m restarting my content weeks. That means every day for a week I’ll be producing content in some capacity.

That means I need to produce 8 newsletters and 8 blog posts–which amounts to a little over 2 a day for a week. The week after I can focus on the images. And the week after I can focus on scheduling and editing.

I say 8 of each because I need to produce content for July while I’m producing content for August. Once I’m ahead a month, I will have some wiggle room for days my schedule gets hijacked by a project, or for times I need to take off.

Producing consistent content helps you all in your design, and freelance, journeys. But, it also helps me maintain a consistent schedule.

The added bonus of writing about design and freelance means I will finally be able to take some time to write answers to all the questions I get most frequently.


I hope you take some time this month to think about goals and your last month’s lessons. Take some time to write them down in a notebook for future reference.


Be not weary in well-doing, for in due season you shall reap. Galatians 6:9