How to promote yourself effectively using Twitter

Previously on the blog I wrote a post about various ways to promote your work and various ways to make passive income. Today, I want to talk about how my promotional content reaches half a million people regularly by focusing on one social media platform: twitter.

Most people have no idea how to utilize Twitter for self-promotion. They either tweet too much, tweet too little, post too many links, post not enough links, post too much serious content, or post too many shenani-posts.

This guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to achieve the perfect balance of promotion, with community-building engagement. This guide combined with a few sources of passive income, and a helpful blog, can create a sales funnel that can bring you all the coins. It’s highly strategic and meant to be executed as completely as possible.

Note: if you have no idea what to post, or are new to building an audience online, consider purchasing my social media promotion guide before using the strategy below.

To use this guide you’ll need three tools Buffer (which can be free or $10/month), Viraltag (which comes with a 14-day free trial and then $9 a month), and Google Analytics (which is free.99).

Also, you need at least 7 pieces of content to promote. Ideally, however, 30 pieces of content or more are preferred some of which should be monetized in some way (I talk about that in my passive income guide found here). If you don’t have at least 7 posts/products/whatever to promote, go create then circle back to this guide.

Use Viraltag to automate self-promotion

Viraltag is amazing for promoting your blog content.

Unlike buffer where you constantly top it off, with Viraltag you create the post once and then viral tag reposts it endlessly following your posting schedule. This allows you to batch create promotional content. Viraltag will handle the scheduling and posting.


I use Viraltag to promote my services, my design shop products my blog posts, and my daily affirmations. I’ve found that when you promote only posts with links, it’s spammy. So, the best way to utilize Viraltag is to include some posts with links, some posts with images/gifs, and some posts with just text (a quote or something).


First, you need to categorize your content. Most people have a category for products, one for blog posts, one for industry news, and one for quotes. These categories are the topics you talk about online, but can also be the different categories on your blog (or in your shop).

When I started my account, I sat down and uploaded at least 7 evergreen posts in each category (services/products, blog posts, and affirmations). Then, as I created new blog posts, or wrote new affirmations, I added them to my queue.

If you don’t have 7 posts per your discussion categories, you can create multiple (different!) posts using the same link (post cloning). I typically have 2 posts per shop product to include in my services category. Each has different copy that will appeal to different parts of my audience.



If you have Google Analytics setup (and you should) Viraltag will tell you the best times to post, but generally I like to post every 3 hours starting at 6AM and ending at midnight. If your Google Analytics account is new, create a schedule and then after a month circle back to the Google Analytics data.

Two to three times a day I will log in and comment on the mentions and quote retweets these posts generate. Doing this automatically refreshes older content from that day.

Example: I post affirmations in the morning which means people logging in at night my time won’t see them. So, I log in 2-3 times a day and reply to comments on the post, or share other people’s comments on the post. That pushes the original post to the top of my feed allowing different people to see the content.

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Increase community engagement using Buffer

I’ve found that since using ViralTag, Buffer is not optimal for promoting my content. Instead, Buffer wins with creating and nurturing community engagement.


First, plan your buffer schedule by picking times in-between you ViralTag schedule times. I limit my buffer to 5 times a day. The free account allows you up to 10 posts in your buffer, the $10 plan 100 posts. So on the free account a full buffer will get me 2 days of community building.

Now that your schedule is set, here’s how to use it.


Whenever a member of you audience posts a blog post, read it, and add it to your buffer. You can use the buffer browser extension (or the app extension on mobile) for this.

Go to My Account>Browser Extensions. Follow the instructions and a button will appear next to your address bar. You’ll navigate to a page you want to add to your buffer and click the button.

Change the default text to be your comment on the blog post and include the writer’s handle. This genuinely starts a conversation between you, your audience, and the writer.


If you don’t read enough blog posts worth commenting on each day/week/whatever, quote retweet members of your audience with your comments. Maybe share a thread tweet they created that you enjoy. Or, share a meme they posted.

Always be sure to post genuine comments. Let’s not engage purely for retweets, fam.

Some numbers for those that care

Combining both Buffer and Viraltag together has raised my impressions (the number of people who see my content) from 300k to over 700K.



Without using Viraltag, my monthly impressions are closer to 300K and manually promoting gives me only 100K a month. Huge difference in numbers, right? And this is for my audience of 3000.

For me, impressions convert to higher link clicks and engagement. To be quite honest, I prefer that over every other metric on the page. When people see my posts, they click the link and hit my site, or go to my profile and click the link there. This is how I sell to people outside my audience.

If you’re clever with your wording, and include posts with links to your content in your Viraltag schedule, you can increase in your website traffic without having a large audience. This is how small bloggers can become influencers in a crowded market.

Give this method a try for a month and tweak it as you get results. Viraltag and Buffer will send you reports on which tweets hit and which bombed. You can adjust your automated posts as you receive this data.

And lastly a cautious word

This guide focuses on how to utilize Twitter to promote your content, and indirectly make you money. While I love Twitter for generating revenue, one social platform should not be your only focus.

The reason I automate my promotion on Twitter is because sites like Instagram and Facebook require hours of time per week to take properly photos, write posts, and engage. Facebook openly penalizes engagement on posts that are published outside their platforms. Knowing this, my time is limited. My goal is to only spend 2-3 hours a week doing social media marketing.

Do not leave all your eggs in the Twitter basket. As you have multiple streams of income, you should have multiple marketing streams. And, not all should be social media.

I’ve written a guide on improving your search engine traffic (which should be at LEAST 25% of your website’s traffic), written an ebook on how to properly use SEO on your site, and always suggest to new clients to create a email newsletter the moment they publish their website.

Your bank account will flourish if you give yourself a few options.