The Blogging High, Self Promotion, and Refusing to Quit

I’ve tweeted this before (as always), but if you really want to beat your “competition” last longer. And in most cases, “longer” just means stay in the game 3-6 months.

Here’s the ugly truth about online blogging, freelancing, and business ownership. Most people quit shortly. It’s become more and more apparent that people want a quick fix, a microwaved Instagram¬†brand, or a fast million.

You ain’t getting none of that in these Internet streets, fam.

Most people learn that the hard way….once the new blog high wears off (about 1-2 months in). And most people make the choice to pull the plug a few months after.

Every time I see someone steal my words, or try to compete with me, I have to remind myself of this fact. Don’t quit. They will be gone shortly.

When your brand/business/blog is built off the success of others’ work, it will never last long.

So, how do you actually “last longer?”

Great question.

It’s easier to stay blogging/creating/whatever, if you’re actually producing content consistently. Results build your confidence. Results also build your brand. It’s easier to get results if you’re consistent.

Results build your confidence. Results also build your brand. It’s easier to get results if you’re consistent. Consistency isn’t really for your audience, it’s for you. Your “new blog high” only lasts so long. Consistency will get you the results you need to refresh your high and keep producing.

About consistency though…I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that means daily content.

But here’s the good news

Social media posts count as content. Just be mindful that whatever you post over there isn’t on your home base. It’s sitting there, waiting on people to steal it (and they will).¬†I’ve learned that lesson the hard way.

If you start a topic that’s useful to your audience, consider creating a blog post, podcast, or video for it. This is how I create a majority of my content for the blog. Twitter.

I keep a list of topics my social media family has deemed as useful in Evernote. If I already know I have more to say on the subject (I usually post to Twitter—140 character ftw) I create a draft blog post with the tweet as the title.

When I’m ready to write I come back to the topic, do a little research, and get to writing.

But of course, there’s a catch

You can be consistently creating content, but if no one knows about it, it’s a wrap. You won’t get any results.

You need to promote your work online. Whether that means the hashtag the post on Instagram, or post an excerpt to Facebook, you need to be promoting.

If you use a tool like Buffer you can automate this step.

I try to sit down once every few days to add promotional content to my Buffer. I’m already pretty good at tweeting shenanigans in between and talking to people. So, I never have a sea of just links on my timeline. You want a balance of promotional posts to regular “you’re a real person, not a robot” posts.

You want a balance of promotional posts to regular “you’re a real person, not a robot” posts. No one wants to follow a spam bot. If you’re on a social media platform you enjoy, this balance happens naturally.

If your audience is small, you can try joining a blogging group. Just be sure to follow their rules about promotion.

Some self-promotion tips

Finally, here are my best self-promotion tips. My biggest goal is to never be spammy, nor awkward. If party promotion is your thing then go for it, but that’s not my style LOL.

  1. When promoting a new blog post, change your profile links to the post link
  2. Auto-tweet your blog post using IFTTT, or Publicize (via WordPress)
  3. Post your blog post featured image to Instagram
  4. Post a blog post excerpt to your Facebook page
  5. When advertising a service change your cover photos
  6. Add descriptive images to every post that contains a link
  7. Add an ICYMI section to your newsletter (you DO have a newsletter right?)
  8. Start a discussion around your post using a Twitter thread
  9. Properly research, and use, useful Instagram hashtags
  10. Promote your post by creating Periscope/IG Live videos for them