What is branding?

So you’ve read a few of my posts and you’re like, “Brit, what is branding? I don’t even know what you’re talking about!”

It’s okay. I get this a lot.

Branding is the summary of who you are, the experiences you’ve had, the knowledge you’ve gained, and your behavior.

Branding is YOU. You are a brand.

I know that’s probably cliche.

What you probably really want to know is: what is (visual) branding?

Visual branding is the visual representation of you/your business/your blog as a brand. It includes colors, image layout, website layout, logos, icons, photography filters, even how you take your photos.

Having a great visual brand shows your customers, readers, and clients that you know what you’re talking about. We summarize what we know about businesses within the first 10 seconds of taking in their visuals.

Great visual brands stay with you longterm. You dream about the products they sell, replicate the style in your wardrobe, or even take the advice their giving…alll because the visuals are beautiful.

if you’re selling a product, or service, you need a great visual brand to land you consistent sales, even when you’re not promiting. Great visuals can promote for you, and get shared far momre frequently than the DIY templates we see in Canva or Picmonkey.

If you have an established brand, meaning you have a following and have been online for at least 1 year, you need a designer to turn your likes/dislikes/platform into a visual brand.

Working with a designer not only saves you hours of time playing around with visuals but it also allows you to get insight into your visuals that you didn’t know you needed.

A designer will be able to summarize your online life into 5 colors and pair them so your buttons, and social icons, encourage users to interact with you.

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