About Ya Girl

(I'm a huge nerd)

Hi! I’m Brittany. I’m a WordPress web designer of 11 years. I’ve worked corporately for brands such as BMW, the University of Alabama, and Target. I have been featured in Quirktastic, Search Engine Journal, and Madame Noir, just to name a few.

I launched my first (successful LOL) business on Etsy┬áin 2012. After hitting a few hundred sales and being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, I used my design skills from the corporate world to venture out on my own. Eventually I received so many “how did you make that?” questions that I started freelancing for shop owners.

After being frustrated with how many people were taking advantage of beginners, I decided to step in and help correct some of the misinformation surrounding business, DIY, and design. It turned out that I fell in love with helping new creatives really launch their brand and business.

As featured in:

If you’re looking for someone to create a beautiful brand for you, that reflects your personality, I’m here to help. I’ve worked with some amazing people, and businesses, so far and I’d love for you to be next.