How to prepare for the New Year (December Goals Post)

I hate New Years resolutions. They are the hype man of the year: promising big things only to fail to deliver.

It’s discouraging. And once you become discouraged you generally abandon your goal altogether sending the rest of the year into a directionless spiral. Continue reading “How to prepare for the New Year (December Goals Post)”

How to write 3 months of content consistently

If you’re here to grab your content challenge worksheet, you can download the worksheet for free here.

So it’s been a minute since I’ve done a goal post, but the last quarter of the year is starting. Typically, I use this quarter to prepare for Q1 and Q2 of the next year.

This year, I’m doing a content challenge for Q4. The idea is to create content consistently as a means of proving a concept for a few new brands I’ve created.

Three months is the perfect amount of time to determine if you can stick to an idea, and execute the idea, or if you need to let it go. Continue reading “How to write 3 months of content consistently”

6 things you need before hiring a web designer

So, you’re finally ready to leave the world of DIY design and hire a web designer. That’s so exciting. Congrats.

Switching from DIY to professional design services can elevate your brand in a way you aren’t trained to do. Web designers know how to create a site that will get you more social engagement, more newsletter followers, and more product sales. Continue reading “6 things you need before hiring a web designer”

How to make Passive Income online

If you’ve read my guide on ways to make money as a freelancer, you know the concept of passive income. For those who are new here (welcome!): passive income is money that you make residually after a putting in a short, one-time-only amount of work.

Meaning: you create something 1 time and you consistently make money off it an infinite amount of times without any additional labor. Continue reading “How to make Passive Income online”