How to promote yourself effectively using Twitter

Previously on the blog I wrote a post about various ways to promote your work and various ways to make passive income. Today, I want to talk about how my promotional content reaches half a million people regularly by focusing on one social media platform: twitter. Continue reading “How to promote yourself effectively using Twitter”

3 Small Ways to Win Big with SEO

Social media is the most taught way to market your blog, services, and products.

However, using social media correctly, and consistently, takes a lot of time and energy from your busy life. And building audiences on social media, while beneficial, means you are using another person’s platform to create your own. Continue reading “3 Small Ways to Win Big with SEO”

5 Ways to Grow Your New Blog

So you’ve gotten your website designed just the way you want it. The sidebar is great. Your newsletter pop up is finally debugged and working.

Now what?

How do you compete with the sea of other bloggers in your category (niche)? How do you get your work out there and grow your following? I have 5 tips that will help you grow your new blog. Continue reading “5 Ways to Grow Your New Blog”