6 things you need before hiring a web designer

So, you’re finally ready to leave the world of DIY design and hire a web designer. That’s so exciting. Congrats.

Switching from DIY to professional design services can elevate your brand in a way you aren’t trained to do. Web designers know how to create a site that will get you more social engagement, more newsletter followers, and more product sales. Continue reading “6 things you need before hiring a web designer”

3 Places to get Free, Unique Stock Photography

The struggle is so real to find unique stock photography. This is mainly because most of the free websites are the same site, just repackaged. And photographers submit their work to every single site.

This only becomes a problem when you need niche specific stock photos. For example it’s extremely hard to find stock makeup photos of black women. So, it’s not uncommon for a bunch of lifestyle blogs to feature the exact same stock photo.

To combat this, I’ve put together a short list of my favorite places for unique stock photography, meaning these photos won’t be plastered across every blog in your category (yet, anyway). Continue reading “3 Places to get Free, Unique Stock Photography”

How to setup website hosting through BlueHost

I thought it might be helpful to upload a visual tutorial to help get your web hosting setup.

A web host is what stores website files (like this webpage) and they maintain the servers, so we don’t have too. This tutorial is for my favorite web host: Bluehost . However, it can be adapted to work for virtually any web host. Continue reading “How to setup website hosting through BlueHost”