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Please check to see if I've answered your question below.
If not, my contact info is at the bottom of this page.

Do you do custom web design?

I do offer custom web design services, and theme customization.

If you see a WordPress theme in my shop you want customized, you can start that process using this form.

If you want a custom web design, you can check to see if I have open design slots, and get more information, using this form.

Will you help me move from to

Yes. That service is call a WordPress migration. Please email me using the address below with the subject: WordPress Migration Request.

Do you design for a platform other than WordPress?

Not currently.

Do you do custom logo design?

I no longer offer custom logo design services unless you are a former client, or have been referred by one.

Graphic design?

I only offer graphic design to current, or previous, clients at my hourly rate. If this is you, please email me.

Help! My website is broken!

If you are a current web design, or theme customization, client please email me.

If your design, or customization, project has ended OR you are not a current design client, please fill out the tech support form here.

I need help with installing my theme.

If you are having trouble installing your theme, please refer to the theme install instructions found here. If you still cannot install your theme, you can hire me to install it for you for just a cup of coffee.

How long have you been designing?

I’ve been doing website design since 2007. I specialize in WordPress design, using HTML, CSS, AJAX/JS, and PHP.

Did you go to school for design?

Yes. I went to the University of Alabama and graduated with a BS.Eng in Computer Science with a focus on UI design.

I want to feature you on my blog.

Thank you! I’m honored. Please email me your interview questions, and details, to

Girl, how do I email you a question?

If I didn’t answer your question above, email me at I answer work email within 24hours Tuesday-Thursday from 12pm-5pm CST.

Please know that I take all US and Canadian holidays off.