Thank you so much for being a part of my design family. As with all businesses, there are some terms that I have laid out that ensure our design relationship stays smooth sailing.

My current hourly rate is: $75 per hour


I am accessible via email Tuesday-Friday from 10am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time. If you are experiencing an emergency, or website meltdown, please DM me via Twitter:

All email will be answered within 24 business hours of receipt except during vacations, holidays, and family emergencies. Email will not be answered on weekends except when urgent.


Payments must be made to reserve a time slot. Payment plans are only valid for the time specified.  Late payments incur a $250 fee. There are no refunds once design work has started.

All invoices must be cleared to receive design files, website uploads, etc.

If a project is abandoned, design projects will incur a $250 fee to restart, and all payments must be made in full. An abandoned project is defined as:

  • A project in which no response has been received from the client for 30 days, at any stage of the process
  • A project in which deposit payment fails to clear and no payment arrangement has been made within 7 days
  • A project in which a late payment and late payment fee has not been receive within 30 days
  • A project in which the client has not turned in required deliverables (copy, hosting information, etc) within 30 days
  • A project in which a PayPal, Stripe, or Square case has been opened
  • A project in which both parties agree to a cancellation


Items bought via Instant Download many not be shared, transferred, or copied. All copyrights are still owned by Brittany Melton and xoBritDear. If you lose your download, you may receive a new copy within 90 days of purchase, via your download link, or email.


Logo Design terms are as follows:

  • Logo Design follows the following steps: branding, edits, logo samples, edits, color samples, edits
  • Each step is allowed 2 rounds of edits
  • All edits after 2 rounds will be billed at the current hourly rate
  • Invoices for design edits must be paid for the project to continue
  • Packages may not be edited in any form
  • Logo Design is the property of Brittany Melton, and xoBritDear, unless otherwise agreed upon
  • Logos from previous designers, or DIY, will be redesigned at the current package rate
  • Additional files requested, outside of the package, will be billed at the hourly rate.
  • Project must be paid in full to receive logo files
  • Edit requested after logo files have been delivered will be billed at the hourly rate


Web design terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Web Design packages may not be altered
  • E-Commerce design incurs an additional $250 fee, and only 10 products will be uploaded
  • The following pages will be included in web design: custom homepage, about page, contact form, and blog page
  • Additional pages will be billed at the current hourly rate
  • Copy, including text, images, and newsletter information, must be complete and turned in before a website project will be finished.
  • Images not used for the sidebar, homepage, banner, or about page will not be edited, Photoshopped, or uploaded
  • Copy not used for the sidebar, homepage, about page, or contact page will not be uploaded
  • Copy editing is not included in any package
  • Images will be edited to match the website layout, color scheme, and business branding
  • Clients must have a web host before a web design project begins


Website maintenance arrangements are as follows:

  • Maintenance is for 90 days from the time a website is considered live
  • Maintenance includes website software updates, plugin updates, and contact form updates
  • Maintenance does not include changing, or adding, copy to the site including text, images, new pages, posts, etc
  • If the website is down due to host failure, or software malfunction, necessary code edits will be made as soon as possible.
  • If the website is down due to client error, necessary code fixes will be assessed and an invoice will be issued to the client. Website fixes will be made upon payment of this invoice.


Tech support is on a case by case basis. After a free assessment, invoices must be paid for tech support to begin.

Only 1 (one) problem will be addressed per billing hour. Invoices will be created based on the number of problems * the current hourly rate.


All communication is between xoBritDear employees and the client only and may not be shared, transmitted, or copied by outside parties. Transmitting, copying, or sharing information to other parties may result in legal action. Client will be responsible for all legal fees, arbitration fees, and invoices should this occur.

Information will not be sold, or submitted, to a third party. Credit card information, hosting information, and personal information will be submitted to xoBritDear using only a secure HTTPS (SSL) connection.

Account information is kept securely for up to 90 days after a project has been completed. After 90 days information is flagged for removal.