Visual Composer Tutorial

Thanks for purchasing a theme from my design shop. My themes make use of WP Bakery’s Visual Composer plugin. You can use it to design any kind of page.

Be sure to set your page template to “Full Width” or “Cover Page” before using the visual composer. These two page designs have no sidebar, paddings, or margins. A cover page has no menu bar, header, nor footer. A full-width page has those three.

The tutorials below will teach you how to make custom layouts, galleries, code sections, drag and drop elements, and more. Once you’ve finished with a video, you can click on a dot below the video to go the next one.


A Beginner's tutorial for Visual Composer

Learn the Basics

How to build your own layouts

How to change element order by dragging

How to add/edit images

How to build pages quickly by cloning elements

How to add custom CSS

How to make image galleries

How to add text sections for text and custom code